Glasgow International. Marzo-Mayo 2016

Uneven Field is a large-scale public art installation that guarantee sparks a conversation about social inequality, territorial tendencies and a social order establish through urban structures in a determinist way. A pseudo football pitch is use as a symbolic platform to put in evidence how the difference between fans to this sport represent a deeper social issue very relevant to Glasgow in the shape of religious sectarianism and violence. This piece is not about football, but everything that surrounds it.

Through the edification of this football pitch like, irregular dimensions, two areas that are part of the same field but are divided as they has been imprinted in 2 different dimensions, giving the audience a telescope (or microscope) kind of experience.

The artist plough through out the installation layers of meaning and plant a number of symbolic details that expect the audience to interpret and recreate while engaging not just contemplating the work but interacting with its different possibilities.

(Español pendiente de traducción)

fotos: Bejoy Sanjeev, James Taylor y Santiago Roose